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kayte wylde

: midnight noir - wax melt : kayte wylde

: midnight noir - wax melt : kayte wylde

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Midnight Noir, a vibe where coconut water, lemon, and orange mingle for an invigorating kick, like a modern melody for your senses.

Imagine chamomile, tea leaves, and white lilies painting a serene floral picture with an edge—think of it as a calm rebel in the room.

Cozy up with the warmth of Tonka Bean, warm woods, and musk—a vibe that feels like a familiar haunt, a retro record on a midnight stroll.

This blend sets a hauntingly comforting atmosphere, blending timeless allure with an edge of mystery. A blend of coconut water, lemon, chamomile, and warm woods for a soothing sensory journey.

Packaged in a plastic clam shell for easy storage and convenience.

Cap 48

Soy wax, premium fragrance oils.

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